The study, also known as the family studio, is used as a space for reading, writing and amateur study, research and work. It is not only an extension of the office, but also a part of family life. The duality of the study makes it in a unique position in the family environment. Here's to see 6 suggestions from ventilation to furniture like wooden dining chairs to design a home study.

(1) Good Ventilation
There are a lot of electronic equipment installed in the study, which requires a good ventilation environment. Therefore, it is generally not appropriate to place in airtight rooms. Doors and windows should be able to ensure smooth air convection, the standard of its wind speed can be controlled at about 1 meter per second, conducive to the heat dissipation of the machine.

(2) Appropriate Temperature
Because there are computers and books in the study, it is best to control the temperature in the room between 0 degrees Celsius and 30 degrees Celsius.

(3) There are three taboos in the position of the computer: one is placed in the window where the sun shines directly; the second is placed under the heat sink of the air conditioner; and the third is placed near the radiator or heater.

(4) Lighting
The light of the study can be direct lighting or semi-direct lighting. The best light is from the left shoulder, or placing a higher and not dazzling table lamp in front of the desk. Special study table lamp, it is advisable to use art table lamp, such as rotating arm or dimming art table lamp, so that the light shines directly on the desk.
The general study does not need to use light in an all-round way. For the convenience of retrieval, invisible lights can be set on the bookcase. If it is a room multi-purpose "study", it is appropriate to use semi-closed, opaque metal working table lamp, which easy to focus the light on the desktop. This not only meets the needs of the work plane, but also does not affect other indoor activities. If you are reading in the seat or sofa, it is best to use a floor lamp with adjustable direction and height.

(5) Soft Colors
The color of the study should not be too dazzling or too dark. It should take soft tone color decoration. In the study, the cultivation of two pots of plants such as evergreen, gentleman orchid, bamboo, hanging orchid and so on, is more pleasing to the eye.

(6) Furniture
If you need a formal study place, it's better to use a fabric office chair. Armrest, with or without headrest, swivel and other options.
Office chair

If more cusual one, a nice solid wood chair is also a good choice.
Wooden study chair

wishbone study chair

Nordic home style has always been loved by people. Pure color and simple charm make the wooded chairs looking fresh and comfortable. And a pleasing fresh dining chair, absolutely enhance a lot of artistic temperament to your life.

1. Y chairs
wishbone chairs

Y chair was designed in 1950 by Danish furniture design master Hans J. Wegner. The design inspiration of Y chair, as well as wishbone chair, is from Ming furniture. Because the back and side of the chair are "Y" font design, hence it get the name Y-chair. 
The cushion of Y chair is made of paper strip rope, so the sitting feeling is special. And it's also more suitable for long time sitting. The inferior Y-chair and high-quality one are obviously different in wood use and modeling design. That mainly reflects in wood grain, cutting and grinding and so on. 
Y-chair is suitable for elegant and simple style, and its color matching is very important. It is not recommended to buy painted ones. The paint will cover the natural beauty of the wood-textured Y-chair.
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2. Eames molded plastic chair
eames plastic chair

Yes, even if you don't know the chair is called Eames Chair, you must have seen or sat on the street, in a restaurant, or at a friend's house. Never think the Eames chair is a product of the new century. In fact, its design history dates back to the early 1950s. Designed by the famous couple Charles and Ray Eames, it is the first industrial plastic chair. 
Its design inspiration comes from the Eiffel Tower. The quality of the chair is mainly determined by the molding material of the seat plate and the quality of the wooden scaffold. High-quality molding has a good sense of sitting, the color is lustrous, and the selection of good wood scaffolding can improve the stability and grade of chairs. 
Advantages: moderate price, fashion simplicity, resistance to look, with the historical traces of industrial design, so that it is more classic.
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3. Windsor Chairs
windsor chairs

The Windsor chair was originated in the British Town Windsor in the 17th and 18th centuries. It was a typical country design style. The Windsor chair was later introduced into the United States, so it was carried forward. And the Windsor chairs of different periods were incorporated different design characteristics. In general, the difference in the design of Windsor chairs focuses on the back of the chair. In fact, with the continuous innovation and transformation of Windsor chair, today's style is no longer limited to idyllic country style, but also suitable for Nordic and even modern minimalist style. The key is still style matching.
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4. Elbow Chairs
elbow chairs

The elbow chair, like the Y-chair, was designed by Danish designer Hans J. Wegner as early as 1956. It was codenamed CH20, but remained in its manuscript until 2005. 
The design of elbow chair is the most grandeur and formal of these four designs. The wood has a certain sense of weight, suitable for both study chairs and dining chairs. 
Collocation suggestion: It's better to match with a right-angle dining table. And you should pay attention to the height of the chairs and table. Elbow armrest slightly higher than the table is better choice.  Too high or too short will greatly affect the matching decor.
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